Track-General Info

Open to Boys and Girls 5-17 Years of Age (as of 12/31/16).

SVRR has the best Track and Field Program in the area!

Great Conditioning Program for ALL Other Sports!

Sprints – Distance – Relays – Hurdles – Long Jump – High Jump – Shot Put

Boys compete against boys in their age group, girls compete against girls in their age group, and all race heats are seeded according to relative ability, so every athlete has the opportunity for a well balanced competitive experience.

Track shoes (spikes) are recommended  for athletes (except gremlins), and are not part of the registration.

Team Divisions/Age Groups

Your Child’s Age as of 12/31 of the year immediately preceding this season:

Gremlins 5-7 2009-2011
Bantams 8-9 2007-2008
Midgets 10-11 2005-2006
Youth 12-13 2003-2004
Intermediate 14-15 2001-2002
Young Men & Women 16-17 1999-2000

9 thoughts on “Track-General Info

  1. Claudia says:

    When will the next sign up for Track & Field start? And if someone signs up do they have to do all the events? My daughter is little for her age but she is very fast.


  2. Jamie Markand says:

    Hi, I’m thinking of signing up both my son (age 9) and daughter (age 6) for track, however they both play tournament baseball and softball, respectively, during the spring. What kind of commitment is track? I see there are typically 3-4 practices a week. Are they optional? How about the meets?

    Any info regarding this would be very helpful. Thanks.


  3. Annette East says:

    Are you only offering online registration this year? My kiddos are returning rebels & the in person sign ups are great for sizing the uniforms for their every growing bodies.


    • Simi Valley Running Rebels says:

      We will have the uniforms to try on at the parent meeting Wednesday 1/11/2017, 6:30 – 8:00 pm, at Royal High School. We encourage you to sign up online in order to get the early bird pricing. Then we can amend your uniform order at the parent meeting if you need to change the sizing.


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